Village Voice Choice Eats -- Worth the Wait

I haven't eaten for two days since Monday night's extravaganza. It was worth the hour++ wait to get indoors. Lots of my favorite downtown and Brooklyn restos were there. Baohaus from the Lower East Side had the most amazing pork sandwiches in their fluffy buns. Fette Sau's pork belly was to die for. Although it wasn't their famous lobster roll, Luke's Lobster's shrimp roll, prepared in much the same way was worth the crush and the wait. They'll be a definite contender for my 2010 update for "In Search of the Perfect Lobster Roll." Other indulgences? I loved the meatballs at Smorgas Chef and the Vietnamese pork sandwich at Xie Xie, one of my favorite Hell's Kitchen spots for a quick bite. And, if you had a yen for cocktails and beers wild and crazy, there was Chartreuse, mezcal, rum drinks, and micro-brews galore. Don't miss this one next year! There were 60 restaurants this year -- although some like Fatty Crab and Porchetta had sadly run out of food within the first hour.


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