Travel and Sleep

I'm a natural insomniac, although some would say that I'm really an owl, and not an insomniac, because I CAN sleep.... just on my own schedule. At any rate, you can imagine that travel and changing time zones can really mess me up. I have a full battery of tools that I use to help me adjust and catch some zzzzz's: there's yoga (feet up against the wall and seated forward bends are wonderful for total relaxation), listening to Classical music (Ravel, Chopin, and Satie are perfect for this), and aromatherapy. Through my yogi friends I discovered an ideal lotion for helping achieve total sleepy bliss, Jivamukti Lotion. It's a wondrous blend of lavender and aloe in a smooth lotion -- just put a drop under your nose or on the back of your neck, and you'll feel like you've just begun savanasa. You can buy it here.


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