Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Ethnic Trip Along One Street?

I've written before about how taking the 7 Train in Manhattan is like taking a journey around the world. This was the infamous train that was maligned by an Atlanta Braves pitcher because of just how ethnic the riders on the train actually were. But isn't that, in fact, the beauty of New York City? That you can ride one subway line and go from one "country" to another in just a few stops, or walk down a sidewalk and munch on delicacies from three continents? Roosevelt Avenue in Queens seems to do the culinary trip the best: you can have Thai, Mexican, Burmese, Irish, Latino, Peruvian, Argentine, Indian ad nauseum. Walking under the el may be daunting, so be sure to stop every few feet for a tamale, alternated by a micro-brew, some ceviche, and a nice glass of Malbec to ease the journey!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sodas around the World

I had a wonderful conversation with a writer today about how different sodas taste around the world. I had never noticed this. Does a Diet Coke in the US taste better than a Diet Coke in Japan? I can certainly vouch for the differences between drinking a Coke from a bottle and drinking a Coke from a can. Bottles rule! Especially the old-fashioned green ones. When you travel around the world, you find ones that are quite scratched... which begs the question, "How long have they been around?"