Foursquare Education: New Words to Add to the Social Media Lexicon

Every day I learn more about Foursquare. Maybe I'm just in the "slow group," but today I learned that there are also "conceptual" checkins, not just actual location-based checkins.

Here's what I was told by a close friend of mine when I questioned him about numerous people checking into Heatpocalypse today:

"Once in a while people check into conceptual 'events' rather than venues...sometimes, they're real, like the Macy's 4th of July Fireworks. Other times they're not really. Last winter, during the multiple blizzards, the term snowpocalypse was used to describe what seemed like the end of the world... many folks used 4sq to checkin and say they were a part of it when the blizzard hit. Someone decided that this heat wave was the summer equivalent of the blizzard and named it the heatpocalypse... so, of course, people on 4sq decided they wanted to checkin as well."

Thanks, Dave. I learn something new (and possibly useful) every day.


  1. And for those who actually checked in to the Heatpocalypse, they would have received the coveted "Super Swarm" badge on 4sq!

  2. Foursquare seems interesting, but I still also think I'm confused about the concept. PS: Do hotels participate too?


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