Monday, February 9, 2009

New York Times Travel Show - post-mortem

I have just returned from a three-day immersion into the re-imagined world of travel in Winter 2009. Sadly, the number of booths on the trade floor seemed greatly reduced, with major chunks of the US and other continents lacking in representation. However, those that were there made up for this in spirit, in enthusiasm, and with great displays of indigenous dance and music. How could you not be affected?

Compared to previous years, the professional development seminars were elevated to a new level of practicality. How do you travel (and survive) in a time of troubles and woes? Why should you continue to travel even if your portfolio has dropped to a record low? How can you keep motivating yourself? The insights provided by the likes of Arthur Frommer, Rick Steves, and various editors of the New York Times were truly inspirational. I know I came away with a renewed zest for travel, even though my pocketbook may tell me otherwise. I'm going to make it work, no matter what! And the attendance at the various seminars seemed to echo that sentiment. Most of the classes I attended were SRO with attendees actively taking notes and buying "how-to" books after.

I'm encouraged. I know there is a hunger for travel, for getting out of one's comfort zone, and for sharing our sensibilities with others. Let's not give up on this. A recession or even a depression is cyclical. There's always a new way to approach the old techniques. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nighttime at Port Authority

I love how New York City constantly re-invents itself, particularly with color. I had to show you the newest addition to Times Square, Port Authority's beautification of some of the ugliest bridges ever, and it actually works! Gorgeous photo by Will Femia.

New York City Winter Creativity -- Free and Cheap

Snowy winter days can certainly inspire creativity. New York City offers some of the best from museums to fabulous theater, now at great prices thanks to off-season and recessionary pricing. If you're with your kids, take a look at these LEGO inspirations. Definitely some of the most creative art I've seen and a lot friendlier than some of the galleries.

If you're on a date (i.e., NO kids), NYC & Co. just posted these 2 for 1 discounts for some wonderful off-Broadway shows -- I highly recommend "Sleepwalk with Me" if you're looking for a night of non-stop accessible laughs.