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Celebrate National Mousse Day on November 30 and Beyond

Ahhh, mousse. It's so popular that it now has a day to celebrate it. The light, ethereal dessert was created in France but pops up on menus all over the United States in versions from traditional to creative, from sweet to savory. While the most familiar is a delicious chocolate mousse, on National Mousse Day we invite you to sample some exciting variations of these whipped-up desserts .    Old-School Chocolate mousse at Olmsted @Olmsted   Brooklyn's Olmsted keeps it traditional, but with a seasonal flair. Chef Greg Baxtrom’s vegetable-forward restaurant dresses up their Old-School Chocolate Mousse with caramelized plums and whipped crème fraîche. The fruit changes seasonally but the basic mousse is a staple on the menu.  Upscale New York City eatery Paisley also includes fruit in their Chai Chocolate Mousse. Here Michelin starred chef Peter Beck mixes in Parle-G cookie crumbs, strawberries, blackberries, blackberry and orange whipped cream with roasted chai spice for a dis

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