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I Dream of Jiro and More -- Turning My Japanese Food Fantasy into Reality

I was planning to go to Japan this year -- Japan seems to be on everyone's "Where to go in 2019" list.  And I was on the bandwagon, but it looks like I might have to wait a bit. Through my months of research, I had found a tour that had me salivating and I wanted to share it with you, as I hope to participate myself at a later date. (Please give me your feedback if you do this one!)

I’m always in search of the best Japanese food and had even considered enrolling in a Sushi University program in Tokyo, just to explore my every omakase taste bud need. But I really wanted more than just sushi, since Japanese cuisine has so many nuanced cuisines that go beyond raw fish like noodle dishes, elaborate kaiseki presentations and the wonders of izakaya dining... with a strong share of sake thrown in.

Well, Japanese foodies, this is the tour that I want you to seriously consider. It’s a small-group Cuisine & Culture of Japan Tour with no more than 15 people that’s scheduled Ma…

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