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A Chef’s Table Experience Like No Other: Dining Like a President at Blackbarn Restaurant

This past Presidents’ Day, I had the privilege of experiencing a truly presidential meal, thanks to chef-owner John Doherty of Blackbarn restaurant in Manhattan. While the American-inspired restaurant has received numerous accolades for its cuisine and wine for the past four years, it’s this meal that’s truly the stuff of food legends. Through the middle of March, Chef Doherty is sharing his years of creating meals for dignitaries while executive chef at the Waldorf=Astoria in what he’s labelled the World Leader Menu. The dinner is an exceptional experience, served at Blackbarn’s exclusive Chef’s Table in full view of the restaurant’s open kitchen. 

The five-course meal that I enjoyed was curated from dishes that had been served to Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, George W. Bush,Bill Clinton and other world leaders, updated for today’s diners with Blackburn’s farm-to-table spin.
Enhanced with wines selected exclusively for the dinner, the meal began with a consommé and ravioli…

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