The Vendys are Tomorrow!

I've been telling you for weeks to go buy tix and now they're sold out. You'll have to wait for my review of tomorrow's five-hour food frenzy at the Queens Museum of Art. Several of my faves -- the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, Wafels and Dinges, and the Cupcake Stop -- are finalists.

Here's a bit more info on tomorrow's competition:

What are the Vendy Awards (aka The Vendys)?

The Vendys are:

•An intense cook-off between the best sidewalks chefs in New York City for the Vendy Award trophy and the title of Vendy Award winner.

•One of New York City’s most beloved and widely anticipated food events, and its premier street food showcase.

•A festival of respect and gratitude for all vendors and everything they provide us-from your morning coffee (half-and-half, two sugars) to the $2 umbrella when you get caught in the thunderstorm.

•A fundraiser for the Street Vendor Project, a membership-based non-profit organization that stands up for vendors’ rights.


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