Bad Restaurant Service and Stress Relief

I had another inexcusable bad-service experience this evening. Without mentioning names (although if you leave me a comment, I'll be happy to share), a local cafe I frequent when the weather is nice because of their outdoor seating yet again treated me like dirt. They didn't wipe off the table from the previous guests, my appetizer (a salad) took an astonishing 30 minutes to arrive and was only served by a "secondary" waiter after I used sign language to indicate that something was still missing. No one asked whether I wanted to order anything else, whether the salad was fine, whether I might want another glass of water or wine, and so on and so on. I know the economy "seems" to taking an upturn, but not yet. And this restaurant was certainly not "fully committed" nor is it on anyone's hard-to-score resy list. I'd love to hear your reactions.

I DO, however, have a remedy and it has nothing to do with the resto in question. Bach Rescue Remedy Spray for Natural Stress Relief is an instant calm-me-down kind of fix. You spray two quick pumps on your tongue, and voila, you're happy, energized, and ready to ignore all of the nonsense that you've just experienced. Restaurant rage be gone! It's made in England it's "discreet and easy-to-use." Gotta love it.


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