Literary Holidays

I have a thing about literary tours. Each time I read a book or see a movie I like, I start to fantasize about visiting the locales shown. After seeing Sideways, I loved the Wayfarers' tour to California. Gorgeous scenery, wine, hiking, but no bubble gum ("Is that gum you're chewing?") Magnificent. The Bronte sisters' books inspired me to visit England. And now there's a Jane Austen walk throughout the areas where she lived, also through The Wayfarers. But I'm even more fascinated by a tour that I haven't taken yet, one I can only begin to imagine: Transylvania. I LOVED Dracula and the vividness of Bram Stoker's descriptions draws me to this dark and misty sojourn through the Carpathian Mountains to the Count's castle. I've already packed my garlic.


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