Drink More Water when You Travel: 3 Ideas for Beverages

If you're like me, you never drink enough water. I'm always trying out new coffee bars, drinking too many cocktails and wonderful wines, and finding myself tired when I fly. I know I'm supposed to hydrate but water is just so boring. Here are three ways to kick up your water choices to encourage you to drink more:

Try Very Cherre tart cherry juice mixed with Perrier and a slice of lime. It reminds me of an old-fashioned lime rickey without the sugar.

Similarly, mixing Pom pomegranate juice adds just a hint of flavor to sparkling water and can double as a cocktail on those days when you're trying to cut down. And there's no mistaking its antioxidant properties. Add slices of lime or sprigs of mint to give it added zip.

And, finally, if you need to have a quick fix with no time to mix, Vitamin Water Zero is good although the added stevia which they call a "natural," calorie-free sweetener can leave an aftertaste to some.

Happy Travels and Keep Drinking!


  1. I TOTALLY needed this article. I am the worst at staying hydrated, and there's nothing worse than being drained when you're trying to explore or just happily veg! Muchas gracias!


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