More Pop-Ups? Bring Your Own Restaurant (BYOR)

I dine out all the time but sometimes all I crave is a fantastic meal… at home. In this world of pop-up everything (see my previous posts about restaurants, shops, and more), it’s nice when someone figures out how to add their own stamp on what they like, like restaurants, and bring it back home. How’s this for a fun idea: in Holyoke Massachusetts, people can dine via BYOR (“bring your own restaurant), a biweekly event that resembles a massive potluck dinner, where the only cost of this close-to-homemade-feast is the dish you contribute. BYOR is held in a different venue every other Friday at 7pm, from Spring through late Fall, and is designed to unite local foodies for a culinary adventure in a fun, casual atmosphere. BYOR dinners have taken place in an abandoned gas station, the closed lane of a bridge, and even a bocce court. Bring a dish, your own plate, utensils, and a chair and dive in to an experience you won’t soon forget. Check out BYOR’s Facebook page for dinner updates and venue locations.


  1. I read about this in NPR and thought it was awesome. What a great concept...


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