Chock Full o' Nuts Returns to New York City: Hooray for Nutted Cheese

Are we yearning for the good old times? The new Chock Full o'
Nuts on West 23rd Street made me shiver when I saw its signature Nutted Cheese sandwich on the menu. I still remember paper-wrapped sandwich that the ladies served when you asked for it. There's also the Chock Classic: homemade date nut bread with cream cheese (for our generation, it's whipped cream cheese). But now they've caved in to modern tastes: you can get a grilled portabello sandwich and a veggie omelet to go with your cup of java. In my mind, it's still a diner and a NYC icon at that. I'll have to forgo my Starbucks one day and try Chock's coffee again. I still miss the old Comfort Diner where Chock Full o' Nuts is now located, but this ones gives a pretty cool dose of nostalgia. 25 West 23rd Street, 212-924-FOOD (3663)..


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