Los Cabos' Capella Resort: One Year Old

Travel and Food Notes welcomes guest blogger Kate Goodin, an editor at Parenting.com and writer for Globorati.com.

Last November I visited the Capella Pedregal resort in Cabo San Lucas. Between the beautiful, secluded setting at the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula near Land’s End, and the warm and attentive service, I had an immensely enjoyable visit. This November I came back to Cabo and I made sure to drop in on Capella Pedregal, particularly eager to relive my favorite part of the resort: its restaurants and food.

First stop was the resort’s main eatery Don Manuel’s, for lunch. The waiter Marco was friendly and attentive – just as I had remembered the staff to be. After some ceviche and succulent lobster tacos, Capella’s Executive Chef Marco Bustamante, with whom I had taken a cooking class on my last visit, graciously stopped by to say hello. I was encouraged to stay as long as I liked, with my iced tea topped off and a pool waiter stopping by: Would I like to try a truffle? Why, yes, I would!

It was those touches that made my first visit so memorable, and I am happy to report nothing has changed in that respect. The resort itself was beautiful as ever. Judging from a cursory glance it appeared that all 44 rooms still had private plunge pools firmly ensconced (my favorite amenity). What was new to me was the seaside seafood restaurant El Farallon, carved into the rocks on the beach, which was not open on my last visit,

I arrived at El Farallon quite late, not long before their usual closing time at 11 pm. I figured a quick drink and I’d be on my way – but, of course, the staff was as gracious as ever and offered me the full El Farallon dining experience. I was also so pleased to see many people who had taken such good care of me on my last visit. In particular I was happy to see Antonio deftly preparing all manner of seafood at El Farallon; he cooked in su cocina in Don Manuel’s on my last visit, and I still remember a tuna with carrot-ginger puree amuse-bouche he made for me.

There is no menu at El Farallon. It changes daily based on what’s the freshest catch, and the “Captain” presents you with a bounty of options: Spiny lobster, scallops, sea bass, red snapper and more were all offered the night I was there. You choose your sides as well; the asparagus I ordered was prepared simply, but the grilled corn was especially memorable, beautifully charred and caramelized. My scallops were gently coaxed into a cooked state, clean and butter-soft.

The whole dinner was a thoroughly enjoyable affair; despite dining alone I never once felt lonely, with a constant stream of attentive (but never obtrusive) waiters and chefs accommodating me (even preparing a dessert of orange-scented crepes with chocolate on the fly, well after closing, with my only instruction being “Surprise me with something chocolate”). It was quite dark but the crash of the waves and occasional sea spray provided pleasant ambiance; I think I would prefer dining there at sunset, but an after-dark dinner is well-suited for a more private, romantic dinner. The waiters helpfully illuminate your dinner with flashlights, so you can see what you’re having.

This new part of Capella only heightened my initial impression of the resort, which is that I would unequivocally recommend a stay for anyone looking for quiet, luxurious getaway in Cabo.


  1. Kate, I loved Capella, too. Interesting thing: everybody who works there seems to be named Marco.

  2. Lovely post, thank you Kate! To me El Farallon is the restaurant with the most outstanding location in the world - you're basically sitting on top of the ocean, waves crashing in front of you, you have a full overview of the resort (best seen at night with all the lights on), and you can see to the end of Baja California Peninsula. Truly amazing, and the food is magnificent as well. My favorite place in Cabo!

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