Outdoor Dance Lessons and a Concert for $17: Midsummer Night Swing Comes to Lincoln Center

Want to Texas Two-Step? Learn a mean Jitterbug? Get some Bollywood tips? Lincoln Center presents their annual Midsummer Night Swing, this year in Damrosch Park. You don't need a partner. Just put on some dancing shoes, buy a $17 ticket and you'll get a professional dance lesson to get you on your way for dancing to some fabulous live music. Last night was music by the Time Jumpers as we two-stepped our way around the dance floor. Coming up: Bollywood, the Hustle, Swing, Lindy Hop.... I can't wait. The program ends July 17. Will you be my partner?

Here's some footage from last night's Country event (no, I'm not in it!):


  1. Thank you, Dancing with the Stars. I love that ballroom dancing is becoming more and more mainstream. It's such a great way socialize and work out at the same time...

  2. It's more than ballroom, though. This week's program includes Bollywood moves (which are a lot of fun, if you haven't ever tried them) and Swing. The whole outdoor scene is simply New York.


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