The Way to the Heart is through Food and Wine (and more) on Valentine’s Day – Gifts that Make You Say Ahhhh!

Red is the preferred color for roses on Valentine's Day, and it's a no-brainer when it comes to wine.  Pink, a variant of red, takes second place on Valentine’s Day but figures prominently in rosés that will add some splash to your day. Both blend perfectly with chocolates and other indulgent treats.

While wine is fine, you might want to consider other spirits to create the mood, or perhaps change your location to set the tone.

But, please, save your money on flowers this year – they might last a week and they have to be looked at constantly to be appreciated.  Rather, create a shareable, aphrodisiacal gift with these delicious ideas.

Days of Wine and Rosés

You don’t usually equate England with sparkling wine. And that’s what makes Nyetimber, England’s premiere vintage even more appealing. Not only is it unsual, but it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day:  Nyetimber’s classic brut, rosé and demi sec sparkling wines are made by a couple, Cherie Spriggs and husband and winemaker Brad Greatix.  Nyetimber uses one hundred percent estate-grown grapes, including Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. For Valentine’s Day, try the Rosé Multi-Vintage, a charming mix of red fruit and intriguing notes of anise and lavender. 

For true rosé decadence, the iconic vintage cuvée, Palmes d’Or Rosé 2008  offers a wonderful marriage of texture and flavors. Palmes d’Or Rosé is a rare ‘saignee rosé' where the red wine juices are bled briefly from the skins in a 100% Pinot Noir blend from two cru vineyards with Grand Cru grapes from Bouzy allied with the intense fruit-laden quality of Riceys.

For a rosé that hits all the right notes – it’s delicious, pretty and it even travels well -- I suggest buying your sweetie a four-pack of the adorable Bonterra Organic Vineyards’ rosé cans. Bonterra 2018 Rosé celebrates the fresh spirit of the organic viticulture practices that Bonterra adheres to and reflects their unwavering commitment to sustainability and the environment.  

Not a fan of grapes, and if flowers are still what you do on February 14, you can give flowers in the form of wine for Valentine's Day.  Flowers are a fundamental part of the fermentation process at Free Range Flower Winery, and no, there are no grapes. Try the refreshing Rose Hybiscus Wine, made from locally sourced organic rose and hibiscus flowers.

You can pack these bottles in your suitcase for your next trip.  But how about packing for a vacation that’s even more wine-centric. A wine safari in Conejo Valley in Southern California makes the perfect travel gift. With Malibu Wine Safaris, couples can go for a ride in a safari vehicle while making stops along the way to taste local wines and mingle with exotic animals who also happen to be retired movie stars (a giraffe, zebras, llamas, yaks, camels, alpacas, bison and more). The safari takes place on the 1000-acre Saddlerock Ranch and vineyard, where you’ll ride in custom-built Safari vehicles and learn about the history of the landscape and the animals. You can customize the safari to add a special lunch, mimosa brunch and more.

If Wine Isn’t Your Thing...

Skip the wine and head straight for the hard stuff. In Nashville, warm your heart with a “Tennessee Whiskey for Two” package at the Hotel Preston . Instead of touring vineyards, you’ll tour the Tennessee South Distillery and Big Machine Vodka Distillery where you’ll enjoy four tastings and a cocktail. You can also bottle your own spirit of Big Machine Vodka or Single Barrel Clayton James Whiskey Straight from the barrel. Your gift with be your own special limited-edition bottle to take home.  The package is available through the end of March.

And What Goes Better with Wine or Whiskey than Chocolate and Cheese

Give a taste of history from New Mexico with the Chaco Pottery Shard truffle box collection from Cacao Santa Fe. Forget the basic heart-shaped box of mediocre chocolates this year and trade it in for chocolates with a history and connection to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Inspired by the indigenous cultures of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, where 150 intact black and white pottery vessels were uncovered in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco's largest ruin, the chocolates are imprinted with the black and white pottery designs. It’s believed that chocolate was traded by these people with the Aztecs in Mexico, based on ingredients found in the pottery discoveries.

Cheeseheads will love the Cheesy Kiss Gift Box from award-winning goat cheese producer Belle Chevre. The gift box includes all of the elements for a romantic appetizer at home with a Greek Kiss, a disc of handcrafted chèvre wrapped in a beautifully brined Greek grape leaf; a  Savannah Bee honeycomb; and a very on-trend slate board for serving cheese and condiments. 


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