Stars and Stripes on the Fourth -- NYC Update

This year's Macy's fireworks spectacular in New York City promises to be something different and amazing. Not on the East River this year, the extravaganza celebrates the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery of the (what else) river!... and, fittingly, will be set off over the Left Bank of Manhattan (West Side). Get there early and bring cushions to sit on, lots of water, and an umbrella just to be safe. Viewing access points are along 11th Avenue at 24th Street, 26-30th streets, 40-44th streets, 47-52nd streets, and 54-57th streets.


  1. Do you know if we can go up on the High Line to see the fireworks?

  2. No, you can't. The High Line will be closed on the 4th starting about 3pm and will re-open on the 5th at 7am.

  3. Hey have fun tonight watching the fireworks! We are down on the Esplanade in Boston - and Neil Diamond is singing tonight!


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