Kids' Restaurant Week

Why should adults have all the fun (and goodies)? Now, kids can get a break and enjoy the good stuff, too. Starting June 20 and running through June 28, restaurants in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC are offering parents a $29 meal. Kids pay their age. That sounds pretty good to me. A six-year old should really only pay $6 for what he or she actually eats. And it's for reservations between 5pm and 7pm, two very respectable hours for dining with the kids. Check out the link above to the wonderful restaurants in New York participating in this yummy event. Be sure to make your reservations now, as they're sure to book up soon at these phenomenal prices. The program is sponsored by Cookie and Gourmet magazines, with part of the proceeds to be donated to local charities. A win-win for all.


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