A New Way to See the Northern Lights – A Mashup of Skiing and Staying in Bed

You don’t really need to be a skier to see the Northern Lights this year, because the hotel does all the work for you. Yes, it’s actually your hotel room that’s set on skis. Pretty cool, right? In Kilpisjärvi, Finland, there’s a new glamping experience called the Aurora Wilderness Camp

Three individual glass-windowed and glass-roofed cabins are towed on skis into a remote wilderness location, deep in the Arctic Circle. While you can choose to go outdoors to watch the Aurora, you have the option of being lazy (and warm) while watching from the comfort of your room. Lie on your bed, and look up! Each cabin measures 2.5m wide, 4.5m long and 2m tall, and includes a comfortable, wide bed; a table; dry toilet; a gas heater with thermostat; and gas stove.

But, the Aurora Wilderness Camp does want you to go outdoors, too, and they offer snowshoes and kicksleds so you can go out and explore. Dress warmly!

Here’s how it works. After your guide brings you to the campsite by snowmobile, you’ll learn how to make a campfire and grill some local sausages. Then it’s just you and Northern Lights, with snacks and hot drinks to keep you fueled and warm. Breakfast is included.

This experience can be part of a fuller Arctic experience, all arranged by Off the Map Travel. Maybe you’ll want to visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi as well? Or climb into the Treehotel in Sweden? Here’s who to contact: www.offthemap.travel; call +44 (0) 800 566 8901; email info@offthemap.travel.

Photos courtesy of Kilpissafa.


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