Waze: A Must- Have Social GPS for All Travelers

I've been on the road a lot this summer, so I feel I can speak with authority about this amazing (and free) app that saves me precious time every day.  If you haven't discovered Waze, you're truly missing out on one of the travel world's most brilliant tools. 

As long as you can get a good connection via your cellphone or tablet, Waze will help navigate you on the road, bypassing traffic jams, accidents, and police to speed you to your destination.  Based on real-time monitoring of fellow Wazers and their real-time reports of traffic snarls and "hazards," Waze determines the most expeditious route for you to take. In many occasions, I have had the navigation system of my car "arguing" with Waze about the correct turn to make. "Turn right," says Waze. "Turn left," demands my car's bossy Nav system. When in doubt, I'll always take Waze.  You can also get handy tips on where to find restaurants, gas stations, and other important travel needs. To induce you to participate, you receive points for alerting others about travel conditions.


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