Shoe Tree in Zion National Park and Visits to Red Mountain Spa and Bryce Canyon

Shoe Tree at Zion National Park
Can anyone tell me when this started?  I don't usually write about photos, but this one struck me.  In gorgeous gorgeous Zion National Park, where hiking brings you to one spectacular view after the next, you'll also find this tree. Fall is the perfect time to visit here, and it makes a great trip along with a visit to the spectacular Hoo Doos of Bryce Canyon National Park. In fact, I think I should return to Red Mountain Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah, my home base for day trips to both of these national parks, and where I first tried rock climbing.  It's also one of the best spiritually oriented spas, with Native American-inspired treatments like the full-body Four Journey which explores the four directions of the Medicine Wheel using sacred herbs, plants and animal symbols. And cuisine? The spa is unusual, not because it offers delicious gluten-free and anti-inflammatory food choices with Western inspired cuisine, but because it offers a full wine menu as well. Wine in the red mountains. Ahhhhhh.
Hiking at Red Mountain Resort and Spa

Hoo Doos in Bryce Canyon National Park


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