Garment Care Travel Tips -- How to Deal with Fashion Emergencies on the Road

If you’re like me and you travel a lot, odds are you’ve found yourself in some pretty sticky situations. What I’m referring to are those times when you have only one outfit to wear and there’s no dry cleaner or valet in sight. Or your baby has dumped a bowl of cereal all over himself (and possibly you).

Here are a few travel tips for garment care from my favorite NYC cleaners, Jeeves. They’re my go-to for all sorts of miracles.

Blood stains can be removed by using a Q-tip moistened with your own saliva. The enzymes present in YOUR saliva helps remove YOUR blood stain.

Oil stains can sometimes be removed by applying a small amount of baby powder or corn starch to the stained area. Let the powder sit on the stain for about 15 minutes and then brush off.

Fashion tape should be in your travel kit. This will allow you to fix falling hems, gaping blouses and a whole host of issues without a needle and thread.

For more tips, check out – it’s become my daily Bible.


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