September is National Yoga Month in the U.S.

After the 9/11 remembrance of this weekend, I’m all about turning OMG into OM this month with September’s Yoga Month celebrations. Last week I took a blindfolded yoga class at Pure in New York with Marco Rojas (that's me in the hot pink top and black pants doing the headstand and being interviewed for ABC-TV). Not surprising, NYC has lots of events going on, but the yoga happenings are nationwide. Visit to celebrate with one free week of yoga at any of the 1600 participating studios nationwide.

Here are some yoga-paired activities if you’d like to explore your inner adventurous yogi, foodie yogi, or performing yogi. From OM to YAHOO and YUM.

Vocal Yoga (Los Angeles, CA): Join LA’s own Heather Lyle, a well-respected voice teacher for singers and actors, as she teaches students how yoga can open the voice and improve speech and singing. Learn to use your body to its fullest to find your perfect tone and resonance.

Cowgirl Yoga (Clyde Park, Montana): Head to the luxurious Double T River Ranch for a true girlfriend’s getaway combining horses and yoga. Whether you’re new to yoga or horseback riding or just trying to star in the next Sea Biscuit film, women of all levels are invited to join. Hop on the saddle and deepen the horse-human connection as your yoga practice continues.

Yoga and Wine by Candlelight (St. Helena, CA): This Napa Valley wine shop offers an amazing selection of California’s best wines, but it also serves as home to a special weekly Thursday night yoga session that culminates with a lovely wine tasting by candlelight. Join for yoga at 6pm and relax even further at 7pm with the tasting featuring wines from small boutique wineries. The class is priced at $15 for the yoga and wine combo or $10 for yoga or wine.

Liquid Yoga + Surf (New York): Yogini and surf explorer duo Lauren Hanna and Annee Elliot invite students to unleash the healing benefits of yoga and surfing during their weekend retreats in Montauk and beyond in destinations such as Costa Rica and Morocco. Call the team for more information on lessons and parties in Montauk, The Hamptons, and NYC or join in next summer’s adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Yoga + Chocolate
: Vosges founder and chocolatier Katrina Markoff joined forces with At One Yoga co-founder David Romanelli and fused their two passions together: chocolate and yoga. Allow Vosges Haut-Chocolat exotic truffles to stimulate your senses and guide you to pure bliss as Dave leads you through a magical yoga session. For more information and to book classes, visit


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