Korea Day in Central Park -- August 16 -- Free Food, Music and More from 11am-7pm

The Second Annual Korea Day takes place August 16 at Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park (located south of Bethesda Terrace between 66th and 72nd streets). It’s a day of Korean traditional and pop music, food, spirit and culture where you can learn to cook, compete in a singing and dancing competition to win a trip to Korea hosted by www.allkpop.com and the Korean New York Culture Committee, and create your own Korean fashion show trying on traditional Hanbok clothing. Everything is free.

Shown above, Sorea, a Korean band that plays modern Korean music, will kick off the event. Come hungry – some of the Korean dishes that await include Japchae (stir fried potato noodles with vegetables), Tteokbokki (rice cake in red pepper paste), Bibimbap (rice with vegetables and beef), Jeon (Korean pancake), and the staple Korean condiment Kimchi. You can also don a toque and try your hand at ‘dduk-mea chi-gi’ the process of making dduk, Korean rice cake where the rice cake is beaten with a giant wooden hammer to make it more adhesive; or making Kimchi and bi-bim bob while you learn about traditional Korean sauces and condiments. .


  1. its seriously all free!? i'm going but i thought you had to pay for the food!

  2. Yes, it's seriously free! Enjoy, explore, try something new.

  3. My sister and I are going and looking forward to it. We will be bringing our appetites.

  4. Thanks for nice information. And its a nice blog.


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