The Perfect Travel Gift -- The Traveler's Collection

One of the best parts of traveling is finding distinctive souvenirs that conjure up the experiences from vacation. The airline industry’s restrictions have made it especially difficult for travelistas to bring back reminders of favorite trips, but The Traveler’s Collection helps solve that problem. On this new website, you can peruse and purchase distinctive pieces from artisans around the globe, evoking both style and origin. You’ll also feel a philanthropic and personal connection by purchasing here, as the site supports local artisans seeking to better their lives by selling their crafts, and you can read their individual profiles. Five percent of the site’s net revenues are donated toward supporting Vital Voices, an organization that empowers women entrepreneurs.

Here are some of our favorite finds (not all may be available):

Housewarming gift: Moroccan Tea Glasses - $30; African Earth Wire Baskets - $17

For the kids: Bead and Wire Elephant-$26 ; Small Babushka Doll-$14

For the traveler: Day drifter half flap - $125

For the fashionista: The Empress's Large Cuff - $425; Pamela Sandals -- $100


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