Shrimp and Grits: A New Food Trend from North to South

I've always known that Shrimp and Grits was a Southern fave, with people raving (and drooling) as they described the merits of shrimp slathered with butter (or cheese) over a bed of creamy grits. Recently, I've tried three that each had been begging for me. In Ponte Vedra (Jacksonville), Florida, the Palm Valley Fish Camp's version was the creamiest of all, almost too rich for me to finish, and topped with enormous Mayport Shrimp, the local catch, 299 N Roscoe Blvd. Moving Northwest, I feasted on the Sunset Grill's take on shrimp and grits in Nashville, 205 Belcourt Ave., this time with a less creamy texture where the shrimp stood out as the highlight. And, last night, I stumbled upon a New York twist of Southern cooking at the lovely Peels near Astor Place, 325 Bowery. Served as an appetizer, the portion was just right with large enough shrimp served over a delicate bed of perfectly cooked grits, topped by a fried egg. I'm happy!


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