Hong Kong Wonderfish Spa -- a New Way to Exfoliate

Travel and Food Notes welcomes guest blogger Nina Steinberg, just back from an extended visit to the Far East.

I've been steamed, squeezed and scraped during facials, but I've never been eaten during one - that is until I visited the Wonderfish! Spa in Hong Kong. The Garra Rufa fish eat you alive, but unlike piranhas, the results are fabulous. Say goodbye to your dead skin as these tiny fish nibble on your hands and feet. If you can handle the tickling sensation I would highly recommend this fun, affordable and unique exfoliation spa alternative. For select brave adventurers like me, you can even stick your face into the tank of hundreds of Garra Rufa fish - but be careful to plug your nose! It's not legal everywhere, but if you happen to be traveling, be sure to check out if there is a Garra Rufa fish spa nearby.


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