Lunch at Momofuku Ko: It Takes a Computer Whiz to Score the Most Amazing Meal in Manhattan

I didn’t think it could be any better than their dinner, but Momofuku Ko’s 16-course Asian-accented modern American fusion lunch topped it. Because it was lunchtime, I can’t vouch for the range of the wine pairings offered (I tend not to overindulge midday), although I really enjoyed the middle-range choice with the 11-course dinner. But I will say that the sake that was chosen for us nicely complemented the diversity of dishes from pork belly to duck to lamb. If you can get the Web-only reservations system to work in your favor, this is the meal you want to splurge on if you’re visiting New York City. No course is omitted from soup to cheese, but everything is done in inventive David Chang fashion. I didn't eat for nearly 24 hours after! Take a look at my complete review of dinner at the ultra-selective, 12-seat Momofuku Ko on


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