Sitting on Stage at Carnegie Hall

If you ever get the chance, sit on-stage at this remarkable concert hall. Years ago, I performed in an Ogilvy & Mather Christmas Show at Carnegie Hall and sang and danced here, but you could actually only see the first two rows of the audience once the lights dimmed. For the recent celebration of 200 years of Chopin and Schumann featuring polonaises, concerti, and a tribute piece to Schumann -- each performed by pianist extraordinaire Emanuel Ax and super-star cellist Yo-Yo Ma -- I sat in a "parlor"-like setting just a yard behind the two musicians. Looking out over a full audience of mesmerized patrons was pure magic as well. This opportunity presents itself once in a while according to demand, the comfort of the musicians, and the prominence of the performers. So keep looking for this -- it's one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences. The photo is awful -- but you're not allowed to take them inside the hall, so it was a bit "shaky cam" clandestine. You'll get the idea, though.


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