Food Truck Watch: Wafels & Dinges

And the fabulous street-food offerings continue! New York City has welcomed yet another food truck offering delicious treats. Wafels & Dinges, the brainchild of Thomas DeGeest, brings a favorite Belgian street food to New Yorkers: homemade Belgian waffles with dinges (Belgian for “stuff”, or, in this case, toppings). Just look for the bright yellow truck!

The truck sells Brussels and Liège wafels, each $5. The Brussels will seem very familiar; it’s the waffle that we’re accustomed to finding at every coffee shop in Manhattan, more or less. Personally, I recommend the Liège. It’s smaller and sweeter. Turn it into a brochette, or top it with the amazing spekuloos spread which tastes kind of like Graham Crackers mushed up with butter, and you have a dessert that’s worth risking your diet for. There are lots of other yummy dinges, too: Nutella, bananas, strawberries and ice cream. Or ask for a bacon wafel and you can justify having a waffle for dinner. If you really want to waffle out, pay $7 and you get an unlimited pile of dinges creating a WMD, a Wafel of Massive Deliciousness. (Take that, George Bush!)

Sweetly, the truck sells beverages to wash down these concoctions including hot Belgian cocoa and iced coffee.

To find the truck, click here or follow them on twitter, the trendiest way to find the city’s evanescent street vendors. If you call W&D, you’ll get a special word of the day which leads to an extra treat. One step ahead of the other street vendors so far, the truck lets you satisfy your waffle craving even at midnight. Fairway, Food Emporium and Garden of Eden sell the waffles pre-packaged in their frozen food sections.


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