A Deal A Week: Vermont Two Ways -- with kids and without

The end-of-the summer is a great time to head to Vermont. During the first week of September, from September 5-12, two resorts are offering enticing deals to help minimize the back-to-school blues.

With the kids, go to Tyler Place Family Resort in Highgate Springs. Just shy of the Canadian border on gorgeous Lake Champlain, this all-inclusive sprawling resort has it all for families: age-grouped kid activities, babysitters, adult activities all-day and all-night, sports, three amazing meals daily, excursions, entertainment, bikes and helmets (for the week) and much more. For this week, prices are reduced 33%, and vary by type of accommodations plus age and number of children. Now’s the time to book your trip to this resort that’s almost impossible to secure a booking at during the summer.

If the kids have gone back to school and YOU need to escape, why not grab a few friends and try the historic Red Clover Inn near Mt. Pico? Set in another one of Vermont’s beautiful areas (BTW, is there any part of Vermont that ISN’T beautiful in summer, fall or winter?), the “farm” offers great dining, hiking, excursions, spa treatments, and fresh country air for catching up on your non-BlackBerry reading , sleeping, exercising and relaxing. Rates start at just $150 per night per couple and include lodging (all rooms have Jacuzzi and fireplace), full Vermont breakfast, afternoon tea, and personalized concierge services.


  1. You are so right about TP! You might not remember us, but we were in the cabin next to you for a few years, and still go back but got bumped into week of Aug. 22-29th. Looking at your champagne cruise photo I recognize everyone (and you all look great!). Now I know where the other half of our week went! We still had fun and I would absolutely recommend TP to anyone who has kids of age 0-15! Thanks for posting. M.A. Gallerani (Wellesley, MA)

  2. Hi M.A. -- Thanks so much for the comment. I DO remember you, our neighbors next to Canvasback. My kids have actually aged out which is sad, as we would love to continue going. But that's exactly what the Red Clover Inn is for. Hope to see you there sometime.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Tyler Family Resort! Sounds like so much fun for everyone!

  4. Colleen, when you're ready to go, just let me know. I'm happy to give you the "skinny." It's the best place for families -- and our kids were so happy to see us for only 20 minutes a day!


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