It's Sunny in New York. OMG! Where Can I Hide?

As any good New Yorker knows, once the mercury rises above 60 degrees, everyone bolts outside to carve his or her piece of park turf. Not me! I look for places where I can sit in relative solitude and rink in the surprising serenity that NYC offers. Here are some of my faves --
Despite the omnipresence of wedding after wedding, the Conservatory Garden at 105th Street and 5th Avenue is my top pick. Three gorgeous super-styled gardens, beautiful flowers, clean restrooms, and a zero admission tag make this NYC's most peaceful free deal. After an inspiring ferry ride from Manhattan, an intricate ride to find the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art reveals unexpected pleasures just minutes from the mainland: watch the monks toll the bells, soak up the serenity, and marvel that you're not in Tibet. Want another spot that's more in the heart of things, try the adorable Paley Park on E. 53rd Street between Madison and 5th. The waterfall backdrop, seats, and setback space will restore your inner calm within seconds.


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