Fancations and Fever Pitch: Baseball Travel, Stealing Allowed

I'm exhausted. 90 degree temperatures, full-day writing conferences, and a three-day endless baseball rivalry. Isn't that what makes spring and summer wondrous? In this day of the "naycation" (I hate that term) or the "staycation" (I think I hate that even more), baseball can create an easy itinerary for a "fancation." (Stay tuned for my full series of fancations throughout North America -- 30 MLB teams and 30 stadiums!) Get out of the rut of watching your team only on your home turf -- create a road trip to become a team groupie. That's what I'll be doing this summer. It's a wonderful chance to try new regional fast foods, blend with or against the fans, and feed your team ego. Take a look at this amazing birthday cake that was presented to my friend, Peter Collery, in New York last night at the renowned Red Sox hangout, Professor Thom's in Manhattan. Even Yankees fans had to be impressed.


  1. Three days of pure entertainment and FUN! Love the sawx and my Jacoby!

  2. PURE entertainment for this sawx fan - a 3 day bonanza! My crush on Jacoby continues... firefly....


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