Time and Again - How Wondrous Snow Is

Snow can make everything seem timeless. Walking through snowy Central Park yesterday was a revelation to me. Without the reference points that usually provide chronological markers, everything seemed to have stopped. You could easily picture horse-drawn carriages pulling proper ladies and gentlemen through the park. There could have just as easily been formally attired children forming perfect snowballs while their dogs scampered about. The image wasn't far from the ones in that amazing back-in-time book, "Time and Again" by Jack Finney where the hero time-trips to 1882 NYC. Even the buildings fringing the park seemed timeless, just simple indicators of the setting without any clear year in mind. It's a pity that snow in the city never lasts. It slows things down. It makes us stop and smell the fresh air. It blankets with silence. And it's beautiful.


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