Springtime at the Top of the World

Many moons ago, I traveled to the Arctic Circle to experience the Northern Lights, meet Santa Claus, and dip into an ice hole freshly created by a humongous icebreaker. I have just returned from a sojourn even further north, taking me almost to the top of the world. Driving across a frozen body of water (this time a lake instead of a gulf) on a snow-scooter again gave me a sense of bliss, not unlike the kind of Zen feeling gotten from a yoga session or a deep meditation. The difference, of course, is the exhilaration that comes from speeding through a setting marked by white solitude. Or ice swimming in a near-freezing ice hole wearing only a pair of socks and possibly a bathing suit, after a smoke sauna. And sleeping in a glass igloo? Truly amazing. Finland is nature at its best, both winter and summer. For the adventurous traveler, there's nothing like it. I miss the beautiful huskies that pulled me by dog sled.


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