Happy Birthday Bach! Free Classical Music Concerts around the World in Subways and Public Spaces on March 21

Here's a way to dive into the world of classical music -- free! Celebrate the birthday of one of the most famous composers with the Bach in the Subways program on March 21. This wonderful gift to straphangers was created by cellist Dale Henderson to celebrate German composer Johann Sebastian Bach on his birthday and is presented free in subways and public spaces around the world. So, get out on March 21 and enjoy some beautiful music from the world’s great master.

Dale, himself, will be playing in New York City at Columbus Circle (59th Street subway station) from 12am (when the program kicks off) until 1am.

A sample of other performances include:

Adrienne Adiesheh (violin) - Bach Marathan -10am
Union Station, Location C by Vignes Street, Los Angeles

Birthday Party for J.S. Bach with the Dante Trio (trumpet, saxophone, piano) – 10am-1pm
Domplatz 10, Munster, Germany

Joao Ramos Marta (flute) – 10am-8pm
Avenida 24 de Julho 5, Lisbon, Portugal

For the full schedule with 1000s of performers in dozens in countries, visit http://bachinthesubways.com .


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