Sledding in New York City: Grab Your Flexible Flyers and Snow Tubes

Another day of weather alerts has us salivating for great sledding in New York City. The city's parks offer some of the best from Central Park and Riverside Park in Manhattan to Prospect Park in Brooklyn and pretty much all of Riverdale in the Bronx.  If the snow sticks and it isn't too wet, I'll be at either Cedar Hill or Pilgrim Hill.  Here are some other great spots to choose from that might be closer to you, especially since mass transit is a bit slow today, train service has been cancelled, and many streets are closed.  Don't forget to bring your cross-country skis as well.  You never know.

Here’s where to find some snow sports action in New York City:

Central Park on the East Side and Riverside Park on the West Side are the destinations of choice for snow action:
Cedar Hill - Central Park
  • Cedar Hill in Central Park on the Upper East Side (Fifth Avenue between 76th and 79th streets)- my favorite despite the throngs
  • Pilgrim Hill in Central Park on the Upper East Side  (Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street) – my other favorite, also crowded
  • Near the Metropolitan Museum on the Upper East Side (Central Park, Fifth Avenue and 81st Street) – gentler slope that’s great for little kids (behind the Ancient Playground)
  • Riverside Park on the Upper West Side, Riverside Drive at 103rd Street – for adults and kids alike
  • Riverside Park on the Upper West Side, Riverside Drive at 91st Street – much scarier; not recommended for children
  • Fort Greene Park – steepest area is at the back part of the hill leading down to Myrtle Avenue; smallest hill is near Willoughby entrance of Myrtle Avenue.
  • Prospect Park has many choices:
    • 9th Street and Prospect Park West, a good downhill run
    • The Nethermead, rolling hills in the Picnic House area
    • The Long Meadow Slope—Tennis House Area in Prospect Park
    • Vanderbilt Playground – off of Prospect Park Southwest
  • Bay Ridge – Owl’s Head Park at Colonial Road and 68th Street.  Hill is at Shore Road and 97th Street.
  • Sunset Park (enter at 41st/44th Street and 5th Avenue.  Great views of the State of Liberty, too)
  • Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge (at Shore Parkway, Shore Road, Colonial Road and 68 Street)
  • Brooklyn Heights’ dog park by Harry Chapin Playground
  • Clumber Corner in DUMBO near the BQE and Washington Street
  • Forest Park – sledding is popular on the golf course with its three hills and at the Mary Whale Playground at 79th St and Park Lane
  • Juniper Valley Park at 75th Street and Lower Highland Park
  • Clove Lake Park – a family destination, Martling Avenue at Slosson Avenue
  • Dead Man's Hill in Silver Lake Park
  • Ewen Park – a steep hill with the added benefit of stairs to climb back up, Riverdale Avenue at 231st Street
  • Van Cortland Park – Also in Riverdale, shallow hills but lots of area
  • Yet another Riverdale spot, Henry Hudson Memorial Park that will challenge you with its drops straight down to the Hudson River.  Kappock Street near Palisade Avenue
  • Crotona Park at Fulton Ave between Crotona Park North and 172nd Street – a great area for kids of all ages


  1. I have visited New York before but never get a chance to visit during winter season. I have enjoyed ice sledding in Russia with my friends. I have to enjoy this activity with my kids and wife and I hope they will love it. As you have posted good New York tourist information about ice sledding, I will think about New York City to visit in upcoming winter. Thanks for posting.

  2. New York is the most popular city in USA. And it is the most tourist attraction also. I love this place and want to visit it atleast once in my life. Very nice post. I enjoyed it a lot. Congrats..!!


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