New TSA Regulations? Add Lots of Time at Airport

Yep, those are my feet at the very front on the couch

My check-in today at JFK had a few surprises in store for me. First, the boarding pass that I had printed out in advance (to save time) for my ridiculously early flight was a total fail: it didn't print out my full name. Only after standing in the TSA queue for 40 minutes was that glitch discovered, and I was banished to a kiosk to reprint my boarding pass. Line up for queue number two. So much for saving time.

Then, after gliding through the security area (I'm a pro at minimizing carry-ons and not having liquids or questionable items that might slow down the process), a bell went off. Something I'd not heard before: I'd been randomly selected to have my hands swiped with white discs of some sort to check for explosives. By a male. Does this signal the end of male and female patdowns, too?

Fortunately, after this, I still had time to kill. And JetBlue's wonderful terminal 5 has a "sleeping cove" complete with white modular sofas and red pillows. I set my alarm for 15 minutes, stretched out on my back, and grabbed a well-needed snooze.

I definitely could have used more time. My flight is at least 90 minutes delayed due to "weather." Can someone please tell me when the word 'weather' came to refer to only 'bad weather?'


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