Sick of Brussels Sprouts? It's Time for Truffles at Restaurants East and West

I’ll never be sick of Brussels Sprouts, personally, but sometimes my foodie blood just itches for something a bit more refined. And there’s only one way to satisfy that craving: truffles! Two restaurants, one East coast and one West Coast are celebrating truffle season with outstanding menus utilizing the mushroom in innovative ways:

At Masa’s in San Francisco you can enjoy white truffles flown in from Alba, Italy in an indulgent seven-course menu from Chef Gregory Short. For $250 per person (not really that expensive, considering the labor-intensive process required to gather truffles and their very short season), you’ll enjoy sweet parsnip custard with kumamoto oyster and white truffle foam; dégustation de pomme de terre; sautéed filet of St. Pierre (which DOES come with caramelized Brussels sprouts), cepe mushroom tortellini, pan roasted roelle of Fulton Valley “poulet biologique,” white truffle ice cream float, and white truffle rice pudding “arancini.” Call 415-989-7154 to book the “Dégustation de Truffes Blances d’Alba.” 648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA

Osteria il Paiolo
wanted to be sure that East Coast folks weren’t left out. This cozy Italian restaurant in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn is offering a menu of winter white truffles cooked up in a down-to-earth cozy setting. The menu is all about dishes from the Piedmont region of Italy with homemade pastas, risottos, and an array of signature polenta dishes which are topped for this special event with a shaving of white truffle for $25. The restaurant takes its name from the paiolo or copper pot in which the polenta dishes are cooked, and they are certainly the standouts on the menu. Try the polenta e osei with polenta, tomatoes and quail; or the polenta with shrimp and rosemary for something different. Call 718-218-7080 for reservations. The truffle menu will be available through the end of the year. 106 N. 6th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


  1. White truffles have always tasted bland - perhaps I've never had them well prepared.
    Considering their price, I figure I gotta be missing something!

  2. It's worth a shot. Much better than truffle oil, IMHO.


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