Off-Broadway on Sale: 2 for 1 in February

January's been all about restaurant deals. February is Kids' Night on Broadway time. And now it's time to scoop up those amazing deals off-Broadway. Choose from fabulous shows like Avenue Q, Stomp, Naked Boys Singing, and the Gazillion Bubble Show. There's something for everyone (really!). So... now that you've saved lots of money AND tried something away from the Great White Way, go out to dinner! Try some of my theater area faves like Five Napkin Burger, Marseille, or go luxe with your savings at Benoit or Osteria del Circo. Click here for more details. Stay warm!


  1. Every year I tell myself I'm going to take advantage of this, and every year, I log on, find that the musical I want to take them to is sold out, and---give up. Sigh. Great idea, though!

  2. Oh.... you're talking about Kids' Night Out. Did you read my earlier post, when those tix first went on sale? You wouldn't have missed out! The post above is about all the Off-Broadway offers which go on sale in five days -- book them now for dates starting February 8.


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