Buy Your Sweetie a Massage for Valentine's Day and Get One Free for Yourself

Now that's the kind of present I want to get. After the past two years of economic curveballs, physical strain, and psychological oppression, I need a massage. I actually need a massage every week. Massage for me is no longer a luxury -- it's an absolute necessity. So for those of you stymied about what to buy your significant other for Valentine's Day, after you book your fabulous date-night restaurant (sadly no longer at Restaurant Week prices), walk your tootsies off to get there or if you go all out and travel somewhere sexy, you definitely need someone to soothe those aching feet and overworked face and jaw muscles.

The place to go? Physical Advantage in Manhattan, at 139 East 57th Street. Laurie Towers will give you a massage unlike any other -- she's a bodybuilder so you know it'll be strong; she's also a musician so there will be great tunes playing while she prods and pushes with trigger point specificity and effect. You won't be sleeping through this one, but you'll walk away relaxed and on the road to recovery. And the deal is fantastic.

P.S. You can also give this present to yourself and hoard the two appointments to use whenever you can. For the Valentine’s Day special, call (212) 460-1879.


  1. Keep the deals coming! Massage is the luxury I can't live without!

  2. You should really go see Laurie -- she's awesome! Serious massage to put you back together.

  3. Good idea, hadn't thought of that!

  4. I think this is the best way to do a "couple's" massage -- it's nicer to have your own private space and Zen.


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